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Why KickStart China?

Our own personal experiences have ensured a well-connected, safe and legal framework at credible education institutions across China. Kick Start China will kickstart your own international career. Enhancing professional opportunities is at the heart of what we do. Starting from our application process, we will be with you the whole way.

Our Service:

Kickstart China uses the collaboration of former ESL teachers, Chinese education experts, a logistics visa team and pioneering schools throughout China. Each sector cooperates to provide a reliable and dependable service for all ESL teachers involved. We understand how moving to China can be stressful. Logistical concerns such as visa arrangements, employment contracts and preparing for life into the unknown can be overwhelming. With our experience and insightful knowledge, each sector of our team will work together to fit everything into place.

Our London office is made up of former ESL teachers ready to answer any questions you may have. They will use their experiences to directly fill in any qualms. Our London office is connected securely to our China office made up of experts in the field.  We aim to make a personable relationship with all applicants. With Chinese education experts alongside experienced ESL teachers, we pride ourselves on a strong and reliable network of people.

Through our education management specialists in China alongside our London office, we believe in the continuous process of learning and expanding. Our knowledge of the industry is next to none, so we understand the challenges that come with moving abroad.

Who are we:

Kickstart China was founded through an ESL teacher and his boss. After years of working alongside each other teaching and managing, they wanted to bring their experience to others. The idea grew further, expanding into a well-coordinated team. We are a small and independent company, enabling a personable relationship to all our teachers. Being small enables us to reach any issues you may have directly and efficiently.

Knowledge and experience are our 2 pillars to a successful, safe and smooth experience. Our Chinese office will always be on hand, possessing a wealth of knowledge. Our logistical capabilities in China are sufficient and well-connected. Each sector understands the needs of an ESL teacher and what makes an enriching experience.

Our team spirit shines bright in creating a vibrant and fun environment. Our mission is to boost new perspective in travel, empowering human interaction on a global scale. One of the ways in doing this, is changing how travel is done. As experienced travelers in China, we know how stressful it can be to find reliable programs to use. We aim to give you as much information as possible about out program, taking all the stress away from travelling. With our culturally immersive program, you can free your senses to a rich and wonderful culture with other travelers alike.

Passion in the work we do follows attention to detail in all that we do. Our passionate and skillful workforce nurture and cultivate a team spirit of progressive innovation and personal development. Having done the experience our self, we know the impact a teacher can make. Through using our service, together we can educate society for the better on a global scale.

We bask in your new adventure with an open team ready to answer any questions you may have. With our HQ in Shanghai and London, help is never too far away. We hope you can embrace the pride in the work we do as we welcome you with open arms, to new and exciting prospects.