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Shenzhen is renowned for its modernised landscape and clean streets. Connected to Hong Kong, its geographical location offers many perks. The weather is pleasant all year round alongside excellent beach facilities. Merging a tropical setting while living in a Chinese city, the beauty of its location certainly offers something unique. In addition, green spaces are everywhere across the city. On nearly every street corner, there is somewhere to relax and tranquilise.

Wutong Mountain offers a fantastic viewpoint of the city. The cities modernisation is in full swing, with a highway going to the very top. If you prefer hiking, you can trek the mountain in just under 3 hours. Damiesha beach is the only seaside area in the city. However, it is particularly clean and not so busy in the off-peak season. Parks such as Central Park and Mangrove Nature Reserve also offer other avenues to explore.

Shenzhen is only 30 years old. As a result, the cities atmosphere is bright and fragrant with a lively atmosphere. The city really comes alive at night with food stalls, bars and restaurants. Due to its cosmopolitan outlook and strong links to Hong Kong, you can discover food from all over the world. Bars and nightclubs are open on every day of the week. Venues across the city cater for all different types of people and budgets. Secret haunts with a creative edge can be found through its younger inhabitants. Art streets and independent fashion brands are just a few of its many assets.

The local population are always particularly friendly. You may encounter some communication problems as levels of English are not so high. However, it makes the demand for ESL teachers remarkably high. An additional perk to Shenzhen is its proximity to Hong Kong. Spending the weekend in Hong Kong may come as a refreshing change of scenery. Alongside this, communication problems will not be such an issue. If you crave for a further cosmopolitan setting, Hong Kong is literally on your doorstep.

Due to 30 years of modernisation, Shenzhen boasts 3 theme parks. The first is Happy Valley for all those adrenaline junkies out there! Roller-coasters and other amusements provide for a super day out with friends. The second is the China Folk Culture Village, showcasing China’s rich history and famous sites. Such a site offers a new dynamic to the city, due to its somewhat modern and less historic infrastructure.

Thirdly, there is Wisdom of the World. This includes famous landmarks across the world rebuilt for our viewing. China is particularly obsessed replicating other sites from around the world. Of course, Shenzhen is no different. All three theme parks are connected onto the same rail line, a reflection of the city’s convenience.

Shenzhen’s most famous asset is electronics. China produces most of its electronic products inside the city. Consequently, this provides for a fantastic shopping spree for any electronic gadgets, most importantly, at a bargain price! Shenzhen really is an up and coming global hub of the world in technology. In conjunction, the city is lined with upmarket shopping malls and global brands from across the world. The city may not be rich in history, but its outlook is certainly futuristic.

ESL Teaching:

Shenzhen has just as much demand as anywhere else concerning ESL teachers. However, jobs are slightly more competitive due to the desirability of the city. Majority of education institutions will demand a high standard of teachers.

The expat community is exceptionally large and culturally fragmented. This provides for a fantastic mix of lifelong friends to be made. Aside from Shanghai, the city has an extremely international scene. Moreover, the local population tend to be slightly more international than your average Chinese city. However, the suburbs will be just like any other Chinese city.

As a cultural hub of China with Hong Kong on its doorstep, teaching in Shenzhen will be a culturally rich experience. With clean streets, beaches and an exciting atmosphere of people, it is no wonder ESL teachers flock to the city.

Cost of Living:

Standard appartment: £300 a month
Bills: £25 – £30 a month
Appartments in Shenzhen are very reasonable for what you get. Again, it does matter on location and size. However, at £300 a month, it is really all you need.

Internet (4g); £10 a month
China posses one of the best 4g services in the world. As a result, it is cheap and very high quality. At just £10 a month, it is an extremely cheap way to stay connected.

Metro: 20p a ticket
With such a cheap train service across the city, it is a great way to get around. You can also use a top up card as you go each time.

Bus service: 20p a ticket
The bus service is also an incredibly cheap alternative to travel. Again, you can use a top up card as you go.

Supermarket groceries: £10 -15 a week
Shenzhen hosts a range of food stores, Chinese and Western. Prices will adjust accordingly to the quality of produce. Western supermarkets are usually more expensive as is with the rest of China. However, we stress visiting the food markets where cheap and fresh products can be bought.

Local Chinese food: £1.50-£3.00
The food stalls in Shenzhen are a must! At extremely cheap prices with very tasty meals on offer, you can’t go wrong. There are also a wide range of international influences and Cantonese food due to its proximity to Hong Kong. At such a cheap price, it is a great way to experience local food without having to worry about cooking.

Standard Chinese restaurant: £8-£12
As with most Chinese cities, Chinese restaurants are widely affordable. One thing which really allows Shenzhens cuisine to flourish is its wide variety of dishes. Again, you will not be breaking the bank to enjoy eat out with friends.

Standard Western Restaurant: £12 – £20
Western restaurants are again usually at the higher end of Shenzhens price range. However, as always across the city, such a spend out can be justified at times. With amazing international influences from across the world, it will not be your bog standard meal.

Standard Beer: : £2.20-£6.00
Having a drink in Shenzhen is very pleasurable with its climate. However, prices will vary according to venue and location. We would recommend to be prepared for similar prices to the West. Again, some Chinese clubs will offer free alcohol for expats.

Shenzhen is up there with being one of the most expensive cities in China. Prices do not vary so much from Hong Kong. However, as with Shanghai, expenditure really depends on the kind of person you are. As you can tell from the prices above, living in a city only becomes expensive if you make it so. As with most Chinese cities, flexibility with the budget can be easily managed.