Who We Want

Who We Want

We want ESL teachers who are aspiring individuals with a passion to make a global impact. Teachers who appreciate and desire to learn cultural differences while taking part in the world’s economy. To be ambitious, career minded and open in the face of challenging yet fulfilling experiences. Growing your own professional career and personal skills, whether it be teaching or not, should be your drive. Since China can open doors to a host of teaching and other industry opportunities, we look for our teachers to be forward thinkers and future visionaries.

To teach in China is to take part in bridging two worlds together where everybody wins. We truly believe that China is what you make of it. There is so much to learn and explore. Therefore, we want our teachers to be inquisitive, open and flexible. Sensitivity and awareness of local customs is important in such a culture, lending first-hand experiences very few will get to witness. We accept applicants from all walks of life

University Graduate:

Maybe you are a newly graduate just leaving University with no teaching experience at all. You needn’t worry about this; care and support are never too far away. Staying positive with an openness to learn is what our partner schools really appreciate as they get to know you. As a recent graduate, there is really no time like the present. To be young, energetic and curious is something many of our partner schools’ value.

Already Qualified Teacher:

If you are currently a teacher already, ESL or licensed, this experience is the perfect way to home in on your teaching capabilities. Nothing will prepare you like China does adding a unique zest to your already qualified CV. Our partner schools value experience very highly as they will look to learn from your western ways of teaching.
You could be already working in a different industry that you are currently not enjoying. Maybe you want a completely different career change for something more satisfying. We truly believe this experience can kickstart your new career in the Chinese economy.

Career Break:

You may just want to take a gap year and have a career break. You will have ample opportunity to travel through Asia with all the money you have earnt. Alongside this, working in an area that will enhance CV credentials massively. Not many experiences allow you to be hugely productive in your career growth while travelling the world.
We have a wide range of job openings matching your situation, skills and needs. We are extremely flexible depending on which category you fit into, so please do not hesitate to speak to us. We would love to make China a reality for you.