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Becoming an international educator in China, will stand you out from the crowd when it comes to your future job applications. A side from being one of the highest paid countries and remarkably exceptional for any CV, the experience alone is quite extraordinary. Your area of work will contribute highly to your student’s studies and progress. Each of our partner schools encourage an ethos for sharing new ideas and progressing together.

Teaching English to Chinese students can be challenging, but it is guaranteed to increase your prospects on the global market. Future job interviews will want to talk about your time in China. You will respond with an increased confidence in communication and trained competence. Being an ESL teacher in China improves your professional and personal skills, as you gain a cultural and business perspective in Chinese society.

You will be able to design your own lessons in whichever way you feel, allowing the freedom to have your own cultural impetus on it. Your peers will learn from you as you will learn from them, lending valuable life skills in the future. Workload and working pressure, to standard of pay, is extremely minimal compared to the West.

Freedom to put your own personality and personal touch should be at the heart of what you do. Creativity and passion for kids is widely encouraged for this area of industry. Your working peers alongside your students will be hoping for engaging lessons alongside discovering cultural customs outside of China.

Chinese Education System:

China boasts the largest education system in the world generating a huge demand in the ESL teaching market. Over 300 million Chinese students are currently learning the English language and still growing. China’s vital proponent in education is to provide a prominent progression of its citizens. Educational and cultural advancement lies at the heart of their economic prosperity. As their middle-class faction of society increases, so does their access to higher standards of education.

Each school endorses a dynamic and fun environment for their students with ESL teacher’s instrumental in that process. China’s economic rise means that further Chinese students are passionate about the English language. The curiosity and demand for a Western-style schooling is fuelled by a strong Chinese work ethic. Another reason stems from a high demand of Chinese students gaining acceptance into a globally renowned university, outside of China.

Roles Outside of Teaching:

Planting the seeds for a successful career starts here, with areas within and outside of teaching prospects. Some ESL teachers tend to find other sectors to move into. The Chinese crave Western creativity and fresh ideas. This means that the scope for other career outlets are huge.

ESL teachers are given a chance to develop their employability further. We want our teachers to take on larger roles other than teaching, where positions at our partner schools can offer management or marketing roles. Many ESL teachers move to higher positions within their school. Management roles will mean you can take on higher responsibility and move up the career ladder.

New ideas are always encouraged such as hosting work activities at Christmas or Halloween. Or maybe you prefer to help with the marketing team for potential customers.

International education institutions within China are constantly looking for new ways to develop. This provides foreign ESL teachers for crucial outlets into new expansion roles. ESL teachers are crucial for the institution you work at. Consequently, they will be keen to embrace everything you have to offer.

Roles at Kick-Start China:

We also encourage certain roles within our own organisation. Opportunities to take on roles inside our organisation such as online marketing, content creation, sales and program management is fully endorsed. Making an impact on a global scale is what drives us, as we encourage our teachers to work alongside our team of future innovators.

We are always keen to expose any hidden talents you may have. From writing articles or creating media coverage of your experience, we are more than happy to show off your skills. Many ESL teachers decide to take up photography or begin documenting their experience. China has always held a mystic to its tremendous landscape and is a real jewel for the creative arts.

We encourage our ESL teachers to involve themselves with our own development. We aim to create a well-driven and dynamic community of passionate ESL teachers. By choosing to join us, you are choosing to create a diverse and professional profile.

Extra Perks as an ESL Teacher in China:

There are so many perks becoming an ESL teacher in China, which is why so many people flock there each year. The experience caters for all types of people, all at different stages of their life. You are bound to make a vibrant and dynamic friendship group very quickly. Whether Chinese or foreign, your life will become culturally rich in more ways than one. China has been described as a cultural hub of the world which you can be a part of.

China has two national holidays a year enabling you to explore the rest of Asia with all the money you have earnt! This is one of the biggest perks being an ESL teacher with ample opportunity to live the high life! During the working season, you will also be given chances to explore the rest of China on your days off. From meditating in the mountains with Chinese monks or discovering the hectic city of Shanghai, your options are endless!

Thirdly, many ESL teachers decide to settle in China for good. With a healthy pay check every month, plenty of travelling, or possibly starting a family, its perks have become a serious life choice. It is here we find pride in our service as we strive to deliver an exceptional experience. We truly hope Kick-Start China can bring you the experience that you truly deserve!